Winning Edge Cycling is a full-service cycling coaching service based in Denver, Colorado.  Founded in 2013 and owned by professional cyclist Chris Winn, Winning Edge Cycling will help maximize your training time and help you get the most out of your workouts.


Originally from Australia, I began my competitive cycling career as a cross-country mountain biker.  I spent multiple seasons racing in the dirt, competing in events both domestically and worldwide.  During this time I followed my other passion for sports science, completing a Bachelor of Physical Education at Deakin University in Melbourne.  Post-degree my life transitioned over to Colorado where now reside and still enjoy life on two wheels.


Through personalized training programs and listening to my athletes, I create a balanced and productive approach towards meeting your goals. This means understanding the true demands of your cycling aims, breaking down the specific skills required to get the most out of your preparation. 

Currently, I specialize in road, mountain bike and cyclocross disciplines.  For all athletes, I use the Training Peaks online platform as a means of communication between athlete and coach.  As a base requirement, I require the use of a heart rate monitor, but paired with a power meter allows for the optimal setup for training feedback.

My overall coaching philosophy is to facilitate an enjoyable and productive learning environment, challenging athletes to gain the most out of their cycling experience through dedication, hard work, and commitment.

Get in touch today and begin the first step towards achieving your potential on two wheels!