Believe it or not, this is one of the most commonly asked questions I receive.  Usually, it comes from an athlete who has been riding and competing for a few seasons, reaching a decent skill and fitness level that they are content with.  But unfortunately most of the time this is where things usually begin to plateau, and getting to the next level becomes a larger hurdle than anticipated.  One of the main reasons for hiring a coach is quite simply to fast track your success and to help you push beyond your current limitations.  Who doesn’t want to reach their goals in a shorter amount of time at a rate beyond what you can achieve on your own?

Hiring a coach will provide an athlete with some structure to their training. Too many riders have goals they want to achieve but don’t necessarily walk the right path to get there.  A good coach will tailor each workout to not only suit the physiological demands of their target event but also manage key training components such as periodization and overload. Most importantly for many of us who are time-crunched, this will ensure maximizing effectiveness when out on two wheels.

Having a coach will also make you accountable to the training given. So when it’s 40F degrees outside and staying in bed seems like the better option, having to report to your coach can be the difference in making it happen or wishing it would happen. A good coach is one that can inspire you to get the workouts done and to reach beyond what you thought was possible.  Most of us only scratch the surface of our limits, but having someone in your corner and encouraging you along the way can get you much further than doing it on your own.


Finally, a coach is there to guide you through your athletic journey.  Cycling is a tough and beautiful sport with every season containing  a mix of ups and downs.  Having someone by your side who is experienced, knowledgeable and skilled can help you avoid the pitfalls of common mistakes that may lead to injury, burnout or falling out of love with the sport altogether.

Overall, the benefits of having a coach outweigh going it alone, especially as you goals become bigger. Having a coach just may be the difference in making that podium step or finishing that century ride next season rather than never.


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