Now is a great time to get started towards your 2018 goals.  From now until the end of the current year, I’m offering all new athletes a great deal in getting their journey toward success started.

One of my favorite quotes is “Champions are made in offseason” and nothing rings more true for endurance sports such as cycling.  The competitive season is a long one, but the better quality training done during the winter months can be the difference between reaching your goals or falling short.  As outlined in my previous post having a coach has multiple benefits, and I am ready to help you achieve.

As an incentive to get off the couch and start real progress towards your goals, I’m offering any new Winning Edge athlete a free month of coaching when they sign up to either the Gold or Silver coaching package*.  That’s either a saving of $125 or $210 depending on which level of service. It’s as simple as that.  Check the services page for what style of plan suits you best and then get in contact with me via email or phone so we can start planning what will be your best season yet.


*New athlete sign up requires a 6mth coaching commitment for either the Gold or Silver Level service. Free month will be the 6mth of plan


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